At a time in my life, I searched and searched for God’s will for my finance and my life's purpose. I was a young believer looking for every means (even sun signs) to discover God’s will for my finance. The bible made us understand that there will always be the rich and the poor in this world as long as the earth remains. I also carried this scripture in my heart.

It is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Yet the bible makes me understand that God wishes that I prosper, be in health even as my soul prospers. I went through this confusion until one day I found out the truth about God’s will for my finance.

Blessed be the day when these questions were answered. I admonish you to answer these questions honestly and write down your answers on a note` pad, and revisit it very often.

1.     Since the bible says that a man that cannot provide for his family is worst than an infidel, would God be happy when my children are driven out of school for unpaid school fees? Will He be happy if I live on the street, begging and living under severe cold with my wife and three year old daughter?
2.     Since the bible says that he that will not work should not eat, where would ‘food’ come from? Or should I tear the leaves of my bible and begin to eat them when I’m hungry?
3.     Since God desires my prosperity, how much is too much for my account statement as a Christian?
4.     Since the bible tells us that promotion cometh from God, how far in the ladder of success is healthy for me to climb?
5.     But since the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil, and they that will be rich will suffer many diverse lust and hurtful temptation, what should I do? The law of attraction says that what we love, we attract. So how would I get money if I hate the filthy lucre?
6.     Going through the bible, I have discovered a predetermined pattern with God. He always takes poor ordinary men and makes them great. Examples are David and Joseph. Since God desires to make a boast with my life, what part do I have to play to see its manifestation?
7.     Since I go to work every working day, and go to church, praying for increase, what is my motivation? Every person in this world has individual reasons for desiring riches, but for me, why do I want to be rich? To what end?.
After I answered this question, the first time, the practical transformation of my life began. If you do it, it will deliver a mindset to you. Take a second thought at each question and you will be amazed at the soul searching it will do.
Next week we would match your findings (answers to these questions) with mine. Iron sharpeneth iron. See ya!


  1. Wow!thank you so much for using this medium as a point of contact 2 answer to the questions in the heart and minds of many.This! indeed is a good job,God bless u dearly.